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Have you ever wanted to show off your photos or your travel trips to your guests but only one or two people could look at them at one time? Solve that problem with your own custom made DVD Creation from as many photos as you would like. Then your guests can all see your new DVD creation together on your TV with music you select. Our DVD creation is sure to entertain and spark loving emotions. A DVD will hold hundreds of pictures and will last for about 100 years.


How about an anniversary gift for someone special? A DVD photo album is a DVD Creation gift that will last forever. How about a DVD creation of Hi-Lite video of your favorite high school or little league sports team or a personalized video of your child s season? Any type of video or photos can be made into a memorable DVD Creation. You supply the video and we can make it into a great DVD with slow-motion, custom DVD menu, motion menu, and much more. From a birthday to a family reunion, a custom DVD creation with your photos and/or video clips really make a great gift and you will never get tired of watching them. How about a CD for the guests at your wedding? The possibilities go on and on.

All DVD photo albums will come with full color printing right on the disc and packaged in a DVD case with full color printing on the wrap. DVD photo albums are made using the duplication process on a DVD-R. We only use the highest quality discs to ensure the most compatibility with home DVD players. At this time about 95% of all home DVD players will play these DVD-R disc's. No job is too big or too small. A DVD Creation will be something that you will cherish for your entire life.

Using only digital pictures: $95.00
Using printed pictures: $95.00 plus 30¢ each printed picture
Using slides/negatives: $95.00 plus 35¢ each slide/negative
Extra copies: 10 or less $9.00 each
11 to 49 $7.00 each

50 and over see price chart for DVD Duplication


You can also use a combination of the above formats. There is no extra charge for using pictures in a digital format. Just upload your pictures to the website and they are ready to be used. The extra charge for printed pictures and slides/negatives is for the time involved with scanning the images into digital format. The printed pictures and slides/negatives will need to be shipped to us.
We can also do color corrections and/or photo restoration on any pictures that you feel need to look a little better for your project.
Satisfaction Guaranteed on our DVD Creation!

You will have an opportunity to preview any work before it is duplicated or replicated, and for the single disc projects you can return it for a re-work and then a full refund if still not satisfied with the DVD Creation we make for you. We do not give refunds if your DVD player is not compatible with DVD-R disc's that we use. Our DVD Creation is not guaranteed for compatibility. If you have any doubt about your DVD player being able to play our DVD-R please take the time to find a DVD-R and see if it plays in your DVD player, chances are, it will play. Over 95% of all DVD players will play a DVD-R.

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